Joint forming machine model JF-01

Machine use two heater power of 400 watt each, quality thermostat with a probe, and two pneumatic cylinders. It also has a precision positioner for the book.

Main Specification:
  • Max. hard case closed size: 500x400mm
  • Min. hard case closed size: 50x50mm
  • Work speed: 6 pcs/min
  • The book thickness: 4-80mm
  • Necessary air compressor: from 6 to 8 bar
  • Voltage: 1P 220V 50HZ Main power: 0,9KW
  • Machine weight: 50 kg
  • Machine size: 70x60x90 cm

Gluing machine Model GM 01

It is conceived as a simple and reliable machine. It uses every cold glue. If the adhesive is very thick must be added a certain amount of water. It is best to make a density as yogurt.

Not recommended agtesivni adhesives that can damage the layer of chromium on the rollers. Motor incorporated is 0,18 KV and three-phase voltage is 380 volt. The green button is the start button and the engine starts. The red button is a button to turn off and also serves as a panic (emergenci) button. After each use of the red button, the same should be rotated slightly to the right to button back out.

The machine uses paper from 80 to 170 gr.
After each fall rollers can be cleaned with water and a sponge and then dry cotton cloth.

Chain and an electric motor does not require any special maintenance and lubrication.Chain and an electric motor does not require any special maintenance and lubrication.
Perhaps chain greased once a year.

Semiautomatic Case Maker machine Model CM-01

Machine for making hard cover binding is designed as a compact unit that meets the needs of a medium pressroom.

It is designed so that only one operator is demanded.

  • Two stanles styll cylinders for applaying the adhesive with working length of 55 cm with the corresponding three-phase electric motor of 180 W.
  • Four chrome roller for pressing (bonding) with working length 75 cm with the corresponding three-phase electric motor of 550 W and a brake.
  • Roller with interchangeable brushes which perform twisting of ends of paper with a DC motor. Vacuum table-size 90 x 64 cm with the corresponding single phase turbine.
  • On the table thera are guides for cardboard and paper with precise adjustment.
  • The rear and right side of the machine have two folding tables.
  • Two electro-pedals of which one serves to turn the turbines for the vacuum, and the other to eject finished cover after the second pass.
  • The machine operates on three-phase (380 V 50 HZ)
  • Machine is a small consumer of electricity and glue. The total installed power of 750 Watt.
  • It works with cold glue that needs to be very quick acting.
  • The speed of making covers depends on the skills of the operator and the type of work.
  • It goes from 100 to 300 pieces per hour.
  • The maximum format of cover is 50 x 70 cm.
  • Minimum cover format is 13 x 13 cm.
  • Paper can be from 80 to 150 grams.
  • Cardboard of 1.3 mm and 40 mm (4 cm).
  • The best results are achieved when working with a 115 -135 gr paper and 1.8 -2.2 mm cardboard.
  • Machine weight from 270 to 350 kg.
  • Machine dimensions 120x100x120 cm. With open extra tables 160x140x120cm.
  • Of course there is a possibility of ordering machines with hot glue. Such a machine is some expensive and its power consumption is 800 watts higher.

Casing in machine model CM-02

The machine is an extremelly small user of electrical energy because it works with three electro engines of 0.18 watts. Two electro engines work together and constantly and the third switches on when neccesary. The first two engines are placing glue on book block.
The amount of glue can be set with bolts that are placed under the lower chromed cylindars.

Main Specification:
  • Max. hard case chipboard size: 420x320mm
  • Min. hard case chipboard size: 120x60mm
  • Work speed: 4 pcs/min
  • Machine works exclusively with cold glue
  • The book block thickness: 4-80mm
  • Voltage 3P 380V 50HZ Main power: 0,5KW
  • Machine weight from 150 do 250 kg.
  • Machine size: 120x90.160 cm

Manual Case Maker machine Model CM-03

The compact simple machine for making hard covers. The machine has two cylinders of stainless steel for glue, and two chromed cylinder for pressing. One electric motor drives all the (55 cm)rollers.

Turning in (Screwing paper) is made using metal rubberized plates and pneumatic cylinders. The machine has a table in perforin table which is associated with a vacuum cleaner. Thus presenting a vacuum thrust on the table.

The machine uses only cold glue.

Main Specification:
  • Max. hard case open size 700x500mm
  • Min. hard case open size 60x60mm
  • Work speed 2pcs/min
  • Voltage 3P 380V 50HZ Main power 0,2KW
  • Necessary air compressor from 6 to 8 bar.
  • Machine weight from 90 to 150 kg.
  • Machine size 120x80x40 cm


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