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BEMINI company has been with you for over 11 years.

So far we have produced and shipped over 400 machines for graphical and book binding industry all around the world, throughout all continents where our satisfied customers are located.

Along the way, a decade of experience in manufacturing as well as using those machines to produce different products, brought many innovations and improvements to the machine itself.

Today, we can stand behind our products and guarantee for them, offer our clients outstanding quality at low price. We can proudly say that we have a strong position on the market and our main clients are mostly distributors and professionals in the industry.

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Semiautomatic Case Maker machine Model CM-01

  • Two stanles styll cylinders for applaying the adhesive with working length of 55 cm with the corresponding three-phase electric motor of 180 W.
  • Four chrome roller for pressing (bonding) with  working length 75 cm with the corresponding three- phase electric motor of 550 W and a brake.
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Gluing machine Model GM 01

    TIt is conceived as a simple and reliable machine. It uses every cold glue.
  • If the adhesive is very thick must be added a certain amount of water. It is best to make a density as yogurt.
  • Not recommended agtesivni adhesives that can damage the layer of chromium on the rollers.
  • Motor incorporated is 0,18 KV and three-phase voltage is 380 volt.
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